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The purpose of Festival of the Wichitas has always been to celebrate the graduates of Sonrise Adult & Teen Challenge and make way for the next graduating class.

Sonrise Adult & Teen Challenge is a 13-month Christ centered discipleship program for men with life controlling issues such as drugs and alcohol. Men come to our program with lives wrecked by addiction but leave with freedom and restored relationships. In fact, our graduates have an 86% success rate of never returning to a life of addiction. This rate is unheard of among secular rehabs which can only boast a measly 8-20% success.


We are not special we just know the answer to addiction is found in Jesus Christ.

Every year at the Festival of the Wichitas we honor the graduates of this program and invite the communities of Southwest Oklahoma to see what our program entails. We are a non-profit ministry and this event is not possible without your help.


Thank you for partnering with us to invest in the next graduating class!

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